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9 signs that show your mobile is hacked| is my phone hacked android?

is my phone hacked android

Now, A days we all have android phone but some of them have not android phone. We know it is the part of our life and we are dealing all the matters on this mobile phone. In romantic words, mobile phone is like our girlfriend and i think it is more than our girl friend. Our all the secrets data is in our mobile phone.
Do you think? Is my phone hacked android?
Do you think? You have been hacked?
Do you think? If you have been hacked then what loss you?
Keep read this if you don't wanna hacked.

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First Question Rised here.

How My phone is being Hacked?

 1. Through Application

So the answer is there is a possibility you had been installed any unknown application on your mobile phone or click on any unknow link. Apps like spy phone app,  spyera etc. These apps are basically a spy app and hacker can remotely access your mobile phone through  this app. But the good thing is it only works when you are connected to internet. If you are not connected to internet this applications doesnot work.

What they remotely control you?

They can control your all mobile.
  • your Messages
  • your contacts
  • your pictures
  • your audio videos
  • record your audio live
  • record your video live
  • open cameras
  • control your all mobile applications
  • change your mobile screen lock without knowing it
  • GPS location

2. Through free Wifi

When we go any where or in travelling we all are keep looking for the free wifi for using. But do you know when you are using free wifi, you are sharing your all of information to the traffic on that wifi. So if hacker is present there. he will hacked all your information. 

3. Through charging cable

We use a charge cable for mobile charging in  cars, buses or any public place. which are not our cable. Do you think? these cables will transfer your information to hacked. It will give your mobile information to hacked like serial number, manufacture date, name and type etc
These are lots of application that will use against you.

4. Through SMS

Through Sms you have been hacked by hacker. You can receive message form unknown number like your bank detail and it create the link in it and when you open it an app will be installed and you have benn hacked.

5.Through SS7 

SS7 is a signal security system. This system is used by telephone companies. if hacked hacked that signal security system , they can 
  • read your text
  • listen calls
  • tracked you

Do you know?

Mobile companies always tracking you and now a days no one is hidden from them. Now there is too many software which trace your exact position. They do with you what they want. However, they will hack your full mobile and bank details and much other things but they cannt do this because they are running their business and if they leak the privacy then there business gonna be down and there company go in the loss. Thats, most of companies pay more of their moneys on the security. Because |Now a days, security is the main problem.

 9 signs of  mobile hacked!

  1.  You have to looks at you mobile application that is there any application which is not installed by you. Because there are many applications which hack your mobile phone and hacker can remotely access on it. Some applications are
  2. Now you have to observe your battery, which is common we all observe and looks it. But when you see your phone is not use by you but battery is continuously getting down. Then there is a chance some one use your mobile remotely.
  3. If your mobile is remotely access by the hacker then there is a chance, he sent some text or other activity on your mobile check throwely.
  4. Check you data usage and compare it with your history. If someone hacked your phone you look some thing more than records. 
  5. Ok Now the other ways is your pattern or mobile password is changed and you cannt access your mobile password, so it means your mobile has been hacked. 
  6.  Over heating, if your mobile is over heating without any reason then there is an application which give remotely access to the hacker of your phone.
  7. Your mobile will be auto reboot or dails numbers.
  8. Listing unknown voice during calls. 
  9. popup ads starts on your screen.

Ways to secure from hacking

  • Use anit virus
  • Delete all the app which you had not installed
  • If it possible you have to reset your mobile phone and go to the original settings
  • or consult a professional

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So, I suggest you to check your mobile regularly, because if you mobile is gonna hacked then it means your money and your full privacy gone hacked. So keep your mobile secure. 

If you have any problem or want to ask any questions then visit our contact page thank you. 

Information that you know about mobile

 Do you know? You can see message and other any thing without knowing their app lock password,  note i say app lock password not the main password.
So, we have to restart the mobile and open that mobile in safe mode. IF you dont know how to open that mobile in safe mode click to see that . After opening mobile in safe mode, you access all the developer applications without password.

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If you have any problem or want to ask any questions then visit our contact page thank you. 

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