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Reset BIOS of Computer(2018), if you forget (Method 1)

Reset BIOS 

1. download the HP BIOS Configuration Utility.
2. install the Bios Configuration utility to your gadget.
3all through the set up process observe the installation folder of the "HP Bios Config software (BCU)". *

be awareusually the BCU is hooked up at "C:program documents (x86)HPBIOS Configuration application".

3. After installation open Command activate as administrator.

4. From command prompt navigate on the installation folder of the "HP Bios Config application (BCU", by means of typing this command:

  • cd \program files (x86)\hp\bios configuration utility
5. Then type the following command to remove the BIOS/CMOS Setup password on you HP Laptop:
  • biosconfigutility.exe /newsetuppassword:""

6. If everything goes smoothly then you receive a "Successfully modified Setup Password" message. *
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7. If you receive an error message says that your "System is not supported. Unable to connect to HP WMI namespace" (see the screenshot below), then follow the steps below:

a. Download and install the SSM version sp2095.exe* from here.
* Note: keep in mind that this SSM version, works better with Windows 7, Vista or XP)
b. Open CMD as Administrator.
c. Navigate to the BCU location "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\SSM", from the command prompt window.
d. Then type the following command: *
    • biosconfigutility.exe /nspwd:"pwd"
* Note: If you want, replace the letters pwd in quotes with a desired password.
e. Now BCU  “Successfully Modified the Setup Password.”.
f. Restart the pc and go to BIOS and open with the password 
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