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2 best glasses you had never seen in 2018

ANTVR Mix (glasses)

We instructed you about ANTVR glasses  and its blend headset last month, just as it was launching its Kick starter campaign to fund the toolproperly, it turns out that the marketing campaign became a success. The China-based enterprise blew past its goal of $50,000 and has raised nearly $2 hundred,000 as of this writing.

The business enterprise claims that the device has 96-diploma subject of view, is lightweight (we will verify that), and is like minded with SteamVR. till now, we might best visible cool mock-united states of what the finished product will seem likehowever at the current AWE convention, a prototype version of the tool become on display. It appears approximately as small as promised, but as you can see, the early version isn't exactly the maximum inconspicuous factor you can put on for your face.

And do not mind the circular object sitting on pinnacle of the tool in the image, that was just one of the business enterprise representatives shooting a few 360 photos during the convention. The corporation plans to sell the tool for $649 and intends to ship it to early backers this December.

SPEX Super Vision (glasses)

There is something about this this is just weird enough to be excellent. Oh, proper, it makes you look like the leader of the X-men, Cyclops! Fittingly, the tool is called the SPEX wireless vision, and it's aimed at users running in the clinical and technical wirelesselds.

geared up with a 21.7 megapixel HD digital camera, the exquisite imaginative and prescient, has a 37.wi-five-diploma discipline of view, a 1024 x 768 show, and works with Android smartphones strolling Snapdragon processors. The tool additionally capabilities a Wifi enabled -way voice and video communication machine and weighs simply a hundred grams.

The company doesn't display off much inside the way of real augmented realityhowever mainly touts the tool's potential to display video, and permit the user to zoom in on items within the actual internationalin addition to view actual-time information streamed to the device. At gift, this mutant-pleasant device isn't always on the market to the general publicbut the organization is currently looking for improvement partners.

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