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Problem Solved: Xbox One Handset Mic Not Working But Can hear, how to fix it??

One Handset Mic Not Working But Can hear

Many Xbox One gamers have some irritating problems with their devices — the microphone they use on their Xbox One controller can’t work nicely. This takes place when they try to apply their headset to talk with their buddies.

You may be very irritated when you get this trouble. The mic on your headset can’t record your voice or no sound hearing bi mic. You may pay attention what your buddies say but they couldn’t listen you that what you are saying. You just simply won’t the ability to speak in with your buddies!

So don’t worryIt is possible now to get your mic of a headset back to normal conditionYou can try this hints as follows. They've helped many Xbox One users fix their microphone. And they'll be able that will help you.

Followings are some methods to fix your Xbox One mic not working But Can hear issue:
1.    Conduct basic checks on your controller and headset.
2.    Check your Xbox profile settings.
3.    Restart your Xbox one console completely.
4.    Repair or Replace your device.

Method 1: Conduct basic checks on your controller and headset

After you locate the microphone can’t work on your Xbox One, the first issue you want to do is to do a little simple troubleshooting.

1. Check in case your headset is properly linked to your controller and your controller for your console. If you are not getting it, try to reconnect your headset with your controller (plug the headset connector to port of your controller) or resync your controller on your console.

2. Ensure your headset isn't muted. Take a look at the mute button on your headset manage or the audio settings on your Xbox One. You may additionally need to regulate the audio settings to boom the microphone quantity (this could enable your voice to be clearer and louder).

3. Check your devices and cables cautiously and see if there is something incorrect you may see from outdoor. Also, you can take a look at with any other headset or controller, or maybe a one-of-a-kind console to affirm wherein the hassle is located. If you discover any hardware difficulty, you could need to get your controller repaired or changed.

Method 2: Check your Xbox profile settings

Your microphone on Xbox One may be muted because your profile settings restricted with your voice communicationYou may check your profile settings and notice if the microphone to your account is being managed.

(If you are in use of a child account, you need to register its parent account earlier than you may take the steps under.)

1. Press the Xbox button on your controller.

2. Pick Settings and All Settings.

3. Select account and then open “Privacy and online safety”.

4. Select “View details and Customize”.

5. Select “Communicate with voice and text” and then select whoever you wanted to talk with (usually your friends or any relative or someone else).
6. To check microphone is working or not, chat with your friend or record some audio.

 (if it not work for Xbox One Handset Mic Not Working But Can hear issue move toward next method)

Method 3: Restart your Xbox One console completely

Your Xbox One mic not running may have additionally result from issues in your Xbox One console. Those troubles may be constant by means of complete reboot of your console. You may restart your Xbox One console and notice if this will remedy your problem.

1. Press the Xbox button at the front of your Xbox One console till it shuts down completely (this will take approximately 10-20 seconds).

2. Unplug the energy cable out of your console and leave it for about 10-20 seconds. This may reset the electricity supply of your Xbox One.

3. Plug the energy cable in your console. Then press the Xbox button at the front of your console to power it on.

4Take a look at your mic and notice if it really works now.

Method 4: Repair or replace your device

If you may have located hardware problems, or the techniques above can’t assist you, you need to get your devices (your Xbox One headset, console or controller) repaired or changed (buying a new one)If your devices are still under guarantee/warrantyyou can touch Microsoft aid or the companies of your devices and ask them for help.

I hope now the Xbox One Handset Mic Not Working But Can hear issue was solved.

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