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How to Hack Facebook account : Method 1

 Hack Facebook account: Method 1

Step 1
Install Kali (If you have not executed So Already)
the first step is to download and set up Kali Linux. this can be achieved as a standalone working device, a twin-boot together with your home windows or Mac system, or in a virtual machine in the operating system of your choice. No, this can not be done with windowswindows, for all its strengths and ease of use, is not the correct hacking working gadget.

inside Kali, there's an app referred to as the Browser Exploitation Framework (pork). it's miles capable of supporting you hack the sufferer's browser and take control of it. as soon as you have control of their browser, there are such a lot of thingsyou could do. one in all them is to trick the consumer into gifting away their fb credentials, which i will display you here.

Step 2
fire up Kali, and also you have to be greeted with a screen like below. You begin up beef through clicking on the cow icon to the left of the Kali desktop.

when you click on it, it begins beef through opening a terminal.

pork is an software that runs within the historical past on an internet server on your gadget which you access from a browser. as soon as beef is up and going for walks, open your IceWeasel browser to access its interface. you may login to beefvia the usage of the username pork and the password beef.

you will then by means of greeted by means of pork's "Getting commenceddisplay screen.

Step 3
Hook the sufferer's Browser

this is a critical task in hacking- you must ensure to victim to click on the java script.

The best way is to actually embed the code into your internet site and trap the consumer to click on on it. This is probablyfinished via such text as "click on right here for greater records" or "click on right here to peer the video." Use your imagination.

The script looks something like underneath. Embed it into a web site, and when someone clicks on it, you very own their browser! (remark underneath when you have any questions about this; you might additionally use the MitMf to ship the code to the personhowever this requires extra ability

Step 4:
send a conversation field to the user

If you hooked victim browser, Ip of the victim on the running machine and browser kind icon, display in the Hooked Browser on the left.

If we click at the hooked browser, it opens a red meat interface on the right aspect. observe that it gives us the details of the browser to start with. It additionally presents us with a number of tabs. For our functions here, we're interested in the 'instructions" tab.

click on at the "commands" tab, then scroll down the "Modules Tree" till you come back to "Social Engineering" and click on to amplify it. it'll display numerous social engineering modules. click on "pretty robbery," for you to open a "Module results history" and "quite theft" window.

This module permits you to send a pop-up window in the consumer's browser. In our case, we can be the usage of the facebook dialog container.

If we click on at the "dialog type" container, we will see that this module can't handiest create a fb dialog field, butadditionally a LinkedIn, home windows, YouTube, Yammer, and a widespread conversation field. pick the fb dialogtype,then click at the "Execute" button the the bottom.

 Step 5

The Dialog Box Appears on the Target System

while you click on "Execute" in red meat, a conversation field will appear within the sufferer's browser like that underneath. It tells the sufferer that their fb consultation has expired and they want to re-enter their credentials.

despite the fact that you will be suspicious of any such pop-up container, maximum customers will agree with that their facebook consultation expired and could absolutely input their email and password in.

Step 6 

Harvest the Credentials
back on our gadget within the pork interface, we will see that the credentials seem in the "Command results" window. The victim has entered their e mail deal with "" and their password "sweetbippy" and they were captured and supplied to you in beef.

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